A simple and efficient approach to streamline initial sample gravimetric dilutions is offered by the Pinch Dilutor. Its automated dilutions outmatch the manual method through precision, rapidity, sample handling sterility and reproducibility.
Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic quality control labs benefit from its optimized workflow. First, samples are inserted inside sterile bags that are placed inside a holder that eases sample insertion while ensuring sterility by avoiding contamination of the bag’s interior. Next, the Pinch Dilutor automatically weighs them and dispenses an accurate amount of broth in order to dilute samples to a configurable dilution factor. Samples are now ready to be homogenized for further testing.


-Easy to operate: use two push buttons to command the device, calibration takes a few instants.
-Extremely simple setup: inserting diluent containers in the device and removing them for sterilization and cleaning takes only a few seconds.
-Regulatory compliance: ISO 7218 compliant.
-Uniqueness: Uniquely silent, affordable, and with a very small foot print, it is the only diluter of its kind that dispenses liquids thanks to gravity. This ensures minimal maintenance as the device contains a single moving part.


The Pinch Dilutor offers a simple and handy automation unlike any other gravimetric diluter. It can dilute any sample that weighs more than 10g (to dilute lighter weight samples see the Smart Dilutor W section).It can drive diluent from both ready to use media bags and especially devised bottles using the bottle adapter accessory. 
Samples are diluted in and without a filter which can be orderly placed in Portabag bag holders to be inserted inside blenders for homogenization.
Click here to explore the possibilities that are offered by IUL’s advanced gravimetric diluter, the Smart Dilutor W.
How to Continue Processing Diluted samples: 
After dilution, sample-containing bags can be stored in Portabag bagholders, awaiting to be homogenized in Masticator blenders. Once homogenized, aliquots can be serially diluted using the Bio Dilutor. The Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater is used in order to reduce the amount of plates that are processed, offering a threefold decimal dilution counting range in a single plate. Following incubation, plates are automatically counted and fed with the Plate Handler or automatically counted and manually fed with the Flash&Go.


 Pinch Valve  24 V, DC.
 Delivery speed  550 ml/min.
 Weight resolution  0.1 g.
 Weighing inaccuracy  < 1 %, ± 1 digit.
 Working temperature  + 5°C to + 40°C.
 Mains   230/100 V 50/60 Hz.
 Power  45 W.
 Dimensions (LxWxH)  240x300x810 mm/9.4x11.8x31.9
(The height can be reduced to 650 mm /25.6 in with the Horizontal Holder).
 Weight  6.5 Kg.
 Maximum sample weight  compatible with factor, tare and weight range.
 Dilution ratio  1/2 to 1/50.
 Default value  1/10.
 Dilution inaccuracy  < 0.2 g.
 Maximum total weight  2000 g including tare.