Gluten Washing System (Single Tube)
Gluten Washing System (Double Tube)
  Compliance to AACC, ICC No: 155&158, 137/1 , CE Certified
Automatic Single / Double Chamber System
Wet gluten content
Stainless steel box. No corrosion!
Measures wet gluten quantity of the wheat meal, wheat flour,durum, semolina and wheat gluten.
Measures both ground grain and flour at breeders, grain traders, flour mills ,flour users, wheat gluten manufacturers, pasta manufacturers and bakeries.
Two different test methods in the same system.
Rapid analysis. A complete test takes less than 7 minutes. Stops automatically with a warning signal.
Adjustable mixing and washing time by means of dipswitches on the rear panel.
Possibility to adjust mixing time from 5 up to 75 seconds and washing time from 60 to 900 seconds.
Robust Design. For use in difficult grain intake environments.
Specially designed holes at the bottom panel enable device to discharge the water, in case of water pump tubes deterioration.
Ease of Use. Non technical operators can use the system confidently. No chemicals required.
Segregation of grain and flour in terms of quality.
Complete with all accessories.

Gluten Index

CE certified
Centrifigues the wet gluten amount using prepared standardized method (ICC and AACC Standard methods).
Blue Color LCD Display
Possibility to see Test Time, Company Name, Ambient Temperature
Gluten is centrifuged to force wet gluten through a specially constructed sieve under standardized conditions.
The special sieve allows for the collection of both the part of the gluten that remains on the sieve and the part passes through the sieve
Performs the test during 1 minutes rotating at 6000 rpm.
Stops automatically with a warning signal.
Locking safety lid provides safe operation

Dry Gluten

CE certified
Heater and control unit are seperate.
Possibility to see the test time on digital display.
Water Binding of Gluten
Dries gluten of wheat and flour samples
Operating temperature is 150O C .
Temperature is kept stable by means of a thermostat.
Teflon coating provides effective drying and easy removal of sample being tested.
Stops automatically warning with a beep signal.