Easy to operate, Food Technology Corporation’s TMS-Touch texture analyzer is an affordable, stand alone system designed specifically for quick and easy food texture assessments.
Operated via an easy to use Touch Screen LCD Console the TMS-Touch requires minimal operator training. Tests are performed at the push of a button to instantly determine consistent standards within the raw or finished product, saving time and money.
Use the TMS-Touch to quickly determine the textural properties of bakery products, cereals, confectionery, snacks, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, meat products and many more…

Key Features:
Password protected log-in - identifies operator for full traceability
Fast access to 5 favorite tests - customized icons ensure instant test selection
Unlimited library storage of test methods - minimizes set-up time
Easy-to-use with minimal training - “Simplicity itself” one button launches the test
Large, easy-to-read touch screen display - clearly shows Test Results and Graph
Test Report - print a comprehensive report of results tailored to your needs

Easy programming - intuitive menus guide you through creation of test routines
Customized reports - create your own tailored report
Choice of 3 program modes:
     − “Quick Test” for basic force testing
     − “Program Test” for standard test routines
     − “Advanced Test” for sophisticated test routines

Simple touch screen interface - no separate computer required
Access - master and operator modes for test security
Flexible - “plug & play” for easy interchange of load cells

Reports & Exporting
Select standard reports or customize your own using built-in templates
Save test set-up and results via memory stick or wired & wireless networks
Automatic export of data to Microsoft Excel® and SPC packages
Collect data at 1000 times per second for detailed recording of results from every sample and accurate capture of peak loads

System specification
 Force Range  2500 N / 255 kgf
 Force Resolution  ±0.015% of selected load cell’s range in Newton
 Load Cells  Intelligent load cells, changeable by the user in seconds
 Load Cell Range  2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500N ( 0.2 - 255kgf)
 Travel Range  330 mm (13.0”)
 Position Resolution  ±0.01mm (±0.0004”)
 Speed Range  1 - 1000mm/min (0.05 - 40in/min)
 Speed Accuracy  ±0.1% of indicated speed
 Data Acquisition Rate  Selectable from 1000, 500, 100, 50, 10
 Weight  27kg (60lbs)
 Power Supply  230V AC 50Hz or 110V AC 60Hz
 Load holding  Yes
 PLC/Digital Control Interface  Yes, via programmable digital ports (6 Inputs, 6 Outputs)