Table Top Autoclave with Vacuum Process

What is class N & class B Autoclave

The class B autoclave is defined by a pre sterilization vacuum cycle. The class B is considered to be the highest class of autoclave and can be used to sterilize all loads including solids, type A hollow instruments, type B hollow instruments, porous loads and wrapped instruments.

All B type autoclaves must pass a Helix test as per standard EN 13060 outlined by EN 867-5:2001.

This can only be achieved by use of a pre sterilisation fractionated vacuum. Post sterilization vacuum drying ensures complete drying of all loads after the sterilization process is complete.

Class N autoclaves do not feature a vacuum cycle and are suitable for sterilizing unwrapped solid instruments and liquids.
What is the standard of EN 13060

This European Standard specifies the performance requirements and test methods for small steam sterilizers and sterilization cycles which are used for medical purposes or for materials that are likely to come into contact with blood or body fluids. This European Standard applies to automatically controlled small steam sterilizers that generate steam using electrical heaters or use steam that is generated by a system external to the sterilizer.


Fully automatic bench top autoclave with pre set programs.
LCD screen displaying time, temperature and pressure, process alert and instrument conditions.
Liquid sterilization program.
Easily accessible water tank
Vacuum Pump - Rapid post sterilization vacuum drying.(Class B only)
In built independent rapid steam generator ensures quick sterilization cycles
Double locking device
Stainless steel chamber and trays
Complies with European standard EN 13060 (Class B only)
User friendly interface


Double door protection system
Safety relief valve
Electric leakage circuit breaker
Automatic water supply system
Automatic reset function incoming power cut
Over temperature protection device

Class-N Autoclave:

 Model  SH-AC-8N  SH-AC-16N  SH-AC-18N  SH-AC-23N
 Temp Range  Max 138℃ (280.4℉)      
 Volume  8 L  16 L  18 L  23 L
 Using Press  0.11 to 0.21 MPa (1.2 to 2.1 kg/cm2)      
 Temp Controller  Touch Controller
 Material Internal  Stainless Steel
 Tray  2 EA  3 EA  3 EA  3 EA
 Chamber size  Ø 170x320mm  Ø 230x360mm  Ø 247x350mm  Ø 247x450mm
 Printer      Option  
 Net weight  30 Kg  43 Kg  45 Kg  48 Kg
 Power  1400 W  1900 W  2100 W  2100 W

Class-B Autoclave:

 Model  SH-AC-8B  SH-AC-16B  SH-AC-18B  SH-AC-23B  SH-AC-29B
 Temp Range  Max 138℃ (280.4℉)      
 Volume  8 L  16 L  18 L  23 L  29 L
 Using Press  0.11 to 0.21 MPa (1.2 to 2.1 kg/cm2)        
 Temp Controller  Touch Controller
 Material Internal  Stainless Steel
 Tray  2 EA  3 EA  3 EA  3 EA  3 EA
 Chamber size  170x320mm  Ø 230x360mm  Ø 247x350mm  Ø 247x450mm  Ø 247x600mm
 Printer      Option    Standard(Built-in)
 Net weight  34.5 Kg  45 Kg  47 Kg  51 Kg  70 Kg
 Power  1500 W  2000 W  2200 W  2200 W  2200 W