CO2 incubator is a key equipment for immunology, oncology genetics and bioengineering. It provides a reliable microprocessor controller to ensure the accuracy and uniformity of temperature and CO2 concentration. Advanced sterilization technology has been applied to keep the experiment from being polluted.


Dual wavelength infrared detector insures precise and reliable CO2detection
HEPA air filtration provides class 100 air purification
High temperature or moist heat function makes it easy to sterilize
Temperature control on the door prevents condensation
Audible and visual alarm for over limit status
Mirror grade stainless steel chamber with round corner for easy clean up

 Capacity  191 L
 Temp. Range  Ambient +5°C~60°C
 Temp Uniformity  ±0.3°C (@37°C)
 Temp. Sensor  PT 100
 Temp. Accuracy  0.1°C
 CO2 Range  0~20%
 CO2 Control Accuracy  0.1%
 CO2 Detector  Dual wavelength NDIR
 CO2 Recovery 5% time after Door Operation  < 7min
 Return to 37°C after door opening  < 4min
 Humidification Dish  3 L
 Insulation  Dry-Wall
 Relative Humidity  >95% @37°C
 Dimension External  670x705x1010(mm) (W×D×H )
 Chamber Dimensions  540x510x705(mm) (W×D×H )
 Shelves  4 Supplied /Max 17
 Sterilization  140°C (High Temp) / 90°C (Moist heat sterilization)
 HEPA Filter  Yes , Class 100
 Power Supply  220V, 60Hz