Nabi- UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer is a miniature spectrophotometer that can measure cuvette and microvolume samples. Using spectrometer technology, it can accurately and conveniently measure and analyze single wavelength as well as spectrums. It is a standalone system with 7.0” touch screen LCD, and simple data back up through USB is possible.

- Cuvette and microvolume sample
- Measurement of single wavelength as well as spectrum analysis using spectrometer technology
- Simple and miniature design
- Stand-alone system with easy-to-use 7.0” LCD touch screen
- Simple data backup using USB
- Modes: DNA/RNA, protein, cells, end point, kinetic, spectrum

Measurement protocol:

General Specification

 Light Source  Xenon Flash Lamp
 Detector  CCD (2,048 Pixels), (reference beam available)
 Wavelength Accuracy  ±1 nm
 Wavelength Range  200 – 1,100 nm
 Spectral Resolution  0.3 nm
 Dimension  220 x 280 x 220 mm
8.6 x 11.0 x 8.6 in
 Weight  3 kg
 Operator Voltage  100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
 Power Consumption  80 – 100 W
 Warranty  1 Year
 LCD Touch Panel  7.0 in
 Preconfigured modules and methods editors  14 categories: dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, Oligo, Direct UV, Spectrum for Micro-volume measurement, and Protein (Brandford, Lowry, BCA, Biuret, Others), End Point, Kinetic, OD600, and Spectrum for Cuvette Measurement. Users can freely set the wavelength to measure in End Point or other categories as well.
 Calibration  Pre-calibrated for entire wave length
Nano Volume Specification
 Absorbance Precision  1% at 100 ng/µl
 Absorbance Range  0 – 300 Abs. (10 nm equivalent)
 Detection Limit  2 ng/µl (dsDNA)
 Maximum Concentration  15,000 ng/µl (dsDNA)
 Measurement Time  5 sec
 Minimum Sample Size  0.5 µl
 Path Length  0.01 – 1.2 mm (Auto-ranging)
Cuvette Specification
 Beam Height  8.5 mm
 Path length  10 mm
 Absorbance Range  0.002 – 2.0 Abs.
 Measurement Time  3 sec