World-Class Software: Easy & intuitive yet a powerful software. Even in its LITE version it will detect a wide range of colony types with minor or none user parametrization.
Reflections-Free Illumination: Its patentend spheric chamber eliminates reflections in both, colonies and Petri plate, and provides a unifrom illumination for an improved image capture that will lead to better, more reliable, and consistent results. 
Audit Trail: Security-relevant chronological set of records that will provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected at any time a specific operation or event in the SphereFlash®. 
Report generation: Easy and automatic generation of result reports with customizable layout to include your Company’s logo and/or information.

Technical Specification

 Reflected Lighting  Patented 360O LED oriented to the internal wall of moving spherical chamber.
 Transmitted Lighting  From Homogeneous Surface.
 Background field  90 x90 mm ( 8100 mm 2 ).
 Imaging device  5 mega pixel CMOS .
 Image field  CIRCLE 6360 mm 2
 Minimum colony size  0.046 mm.
 Color Detection  5 Colors on same petri dish
 Counting Time  500 CFU/SEC.
 Counting area adjustment  Automatic
 Counting colonies  On Petri dishes, Spiral® plates,Chromogenic Petri dishes, Antibiograms, Petrifilm®,Filtration membrane
 Inhibition zone reading  Up to 12 paper disks on round dishes or on 90mm single Petri dish.
 Automatic separation of clustered colonies  YES
 Manual addition and removal of colonies  YES
 Image capture  True color , RGB 32 pixel.
 Image resolution  1944 x 1944 pixels.
 Power Range  90-264 VAC,
 Frequency Range  50-60 Hz
 Power Consumption  40 W
 Air Temperature  15°C to 30°C
 Operating Relative Humidity  10% to 75% (non condensing)
 Over Voltage Category  II
 Pollution Level  2
 Computer Interface  USB 3.0Type –A Socket
 Dimensions (WxHxD)  288x220 x 371 mm.

PC /Computer Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows® 7, 8.1,10 (x64 platforms).
- 1 free USB 3.0 Port.
- 8 Gigabytes of RAM memory.
- 100 Megabytes of free disk space and 100 Gigabytes for the Database (for 5000 results stored with images).
- FullHD screen (1920x1080px) recomended.
- 24’’ screen size recommended.
- Microsoft Excel® 2007 or higher, 64 bits to open exported Excel® files.
- A virtual PDF printer to create PDF reports.