New Approach to Radionuclides Detection in Food and Water.
Over 5000 systems are installed worldwide!

Measurements of partial specific activities of Cs-134, Cs-137, K-40, I-131 radionuclides Optionally Ra-226, Th-232

The RUG 91-2 Gamma-ray Spectrometer (Radiometer) is intended for measuring the specific activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides: Cs137, Cs134, K40, I131 isotopes in foodstuff and liquids (milk, drinking and sea water). Optional possibility for measuring Ra226, Th232 in products of animal or plant origin, soil samples, etc.
Additional libraries are Ba-133, Cd-109, Co-57, Co-60, Mn-54, Na-22, Sn-113, Y-88, Zn-65, Ce-139

 Quick  * Reduced volume of sample  Easy-to- use  * Easy set-up for non-experienced users
 * Detection time for heavily polluted materials is 2 minutes  * User-friendly interface
 * The calibration and check take only a few minutes  * Customized report
 * Real time the spectral acquisition and analysis  * Sound and light alarm if any nuclide-specific maximum permissible concentrations are exceeded
 Reliable  * 40 mm (16 in) lead shield protection  Accurate  * Self-calibration with KCI and auto acquisition
 * 24 hours of continuous operation  * Background auto correction
 * Transportable (storage, transportation, and protection with special case)    * Statistical error display
 * Low level detection limit


        • Sample volume 0.5 l
        • Compact design
        • Small dimension & weight
        • Simultaneous spectra acquisition and processing


RUG 91-2 Gamma-ray Spectrometer (Radiometer) registers and analyzes the amplitude of photon distribution of pulses generated in the scintillation detector when the gamma-ray quanta of the sample get into it. Then the amplitude distribution of pulses is analyzed and the radionuclide activity calculated. In order to enhance the registration of photon impulses, the sample for Gamma-ray Spectrometer (Radiometer) is placed into the 0.5 liter Marinelli vessel installed in the lead shield which protect from the influence of the external background radiation.

Two modes: Standalone and PC-controlled (through USB).


        • Food control laboratories
        • Vet clinics
        • Agricultural laboratories
        • Pharmaceutical, processing industry laboratories
        • Industry-specific schools


 Detector Unit  Nal (Tl) Ø 40 mm x 40 mm
 Number of channels  1024
 Energy range  0 – 3 MeV
 Background  < 40 cpm
 Cs137  5-1000000 Bq/kg
 Cs134  5-1000000 Bq/kg
 K40  50-20000 Bq/kg
 Detection Time  2 Min
 Intrinsic measurement error at P=0,95  ± 20 %
 Integral nonlinearity  <1%
 Power consumption  15 VA
 Dimensions  255х360х300 mm
 Intrinsic background for 137Cs window  0.3 cps
 Weight  51 kg
 Ambient temperatures  +10…+35 °C
 Voltage supply  115 V / 230 V ± 10 %